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This is a site for a collection of third party content publishers, who deliver truth in a sense that is easy to understand and comprehend. The goal of the site is to plant a seed of doubt, into the programming of what you define as your reality. When you start to dwell into this world of information, it is up to you to find out the truth that resonate with you. Therefore, we do not deliver you the direct truth, as its for yourself to discern. However we have collected this information, where it is up to you to dive deeper into the realm of unknown. When you are willing to accept that what you consider to be truth, might be a lie, a world of deeper insight opens up for you. On this site we offer a digital book catalog, that is filled to the brim with esoteric, magical and occult knowledge. This service is for the time provided free of charge. The library is still getting sorted, and its an ongoing process. To access the library go to the following site: Esoteric Book Server In order for you to login, you can use the provided username and password: Username: TruthSpace – Password: TheTruthShallSetYouFree